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Winslow & District Art Society
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DURING THE FIRST 3 MONTHS OF THE VIRUS LOCKDOWN we provided members with a daily contact point with articles and art based links - all provided through a separate website. Whilst the social distancing rules still give problems, we feel now is the time to move that page and the gallery of member’s work over to this renewed website. The content of this page may be updated WEEKLY
If you are not a member of the Winslow & District Art Society here in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom and live within easy travelling distance of Winslow, please think about joining us. For more information on Membership, see the membership page here and contact our Treasurer for up to date Society information.
Posting to this page July 14th 2020
The Society Committee recently reviewed the possibilities for the operation of events over the coming months and regrettably things don’t look too great ! Currently we are unable to hold meetings in our usual Winslow venue and we are advised that unless government guidance changes in the near future, we may be looking at very late in 2020 before we can use the Bowls Club House for demonstration meetings and painting groups. Of course, if there is a reversal in UK health conditions with an increase in virus infections, we may be looking at next year before we can get back to something like normal. The Society has an established booking for the Public Hall in Winslow to hold our usual November Exhibition ( Oct 31st Nov 1st 2020 ), but that may be in doubt if the requirements of the Hall booking make mounting an exhibition impossible. We may not know about that until September, but we would be able to prepare and display an exhibition at fairly short notice if we had the go ahead. We are scheduled to hold an Annual General Meeting in late September but at the moment that is unlikely to take place in the traditional format. In common with many other societies facing this problem, we may well circulate all members with the necessary paperwork via Email, advise election nominations and take any vote via the Internet /Emails. The Society has a full Committee and officers prepared to continue into next year, and while the Society is unable to operate, Subscriptions will not be due and membership will simply roll over. If you were a member in 2019/20 you will be a member in 2020/21 until the Society programme restarts. The Society is solvent and once the limitations on meetings and meeting places is relaxed, there is no reason why the Society should not return to its normal programme of social painting groups, demonstrations and workshops and at that time the committee will make recommendations to members about future subscriptions. In the meantime, this page will be regularly updated to keep all our members and friends up to date on anything happening in our art world Please check in here regularly as there will be content similar to that shared with members over the first 3 months of lockdown on the old members website. Peter Weatherill Chairman